12 Best Abs Exercises

best abs exercises

Hello readers, welcome to Fitness Nama today we are going to suggest the best abs exercises for normal people.

Everyone has dreamed of once in a life having toned abs, those “squares” perfectly marked, with the best abs exercises that we will present today, you can get it.

Although let me clarify that only a few fortunate people or rather, who are well disciplined in the gym and in the kitchen they achieve it.

The abs area can be the headache of many people who are regular at the gym. Since achieving that level of toning and strengthening is not a task.It is achieved from one day to the next. We all like to look good, and whether you are male or female we want abs area of the body to be flat, well marked and seen as a synonym of beauty.

We want all eyes on us while going to the beach and swimming pool. The feeling of having all eyes on us is awesome and can’t be described in words.

We must admit that we love that they look at us and that all the effort made in the gym or at home has its reward.

If that is what you want to achieve, we will help you achieve it.

Here we are going to suggest you the 12 best abs exercises so you look great always.

   The Best Abs Exercises

We usually think of crunching or shrinking when we talk about abs exercises, but there is a world of movements that work our entire core much more effectively.

So pay attention and take note of what are the best abs exercises to work the core.

1. Squats

best abs exercies

Maybe it’s not the exercise you expect to see first in a list of the best abs exercises. But yes, even if you do not believe it, it is an excellent movement that will help you work your entire core.

This type of exercise, that is basic, is a good way to start the workout routines for abs.

They help you by the pressure and the tension that you exert in that zone when making the complete movement. In addition, you will be able to tone your thighs and also glutes, so it is a great gain.

To perform the squats You must have the body erect and above all the back straight to perform the squats. Your arms should be loose and forward, and make the movement to descend as if you were going to sit on a chair. Do not bend your back for anything in the world. It reaches down and goes up. Do not bend the trunk and make pressure in the abs area.

2. Lumberjack with pulley

 Best abs exercises

You must stand on your side in a machine that has a pulley, which is as high as possible. Hold it with one hand with your legs apart, at the same distance from your shoulders and pull it diagonally down, turning your body in that direction.

Stretch the pulley to the maximum so that your body can bend as much as it can and then return to the starting position.

You must repeat the same steps with both arms so that you tone the two sides of the abdominal area in the same way.


3. The bridge of one leg 

best abs exercies bridges

One usually thinks about this exercise to work the buttocks more than as one of the best exercises for abs. So from now on, we recommend that you start using it in your routines if you want to get a flat stomach.

You lie on the floor. With the right body, erect. You lift one leg fully stretched. The other should be slightly flexed to serve as a point of support and to raise the abdominal area. The arms should lie flat on the ground. It is a very easy exercise and you can perform at home.

Then you swap legs until you do the same number of repetitions.

4. Dragon flags

best abs exercies dragon fly

The Dragon Flag was Bruce Lee’s favourite abs exercise:

It is one of the most difficult and not all are capable of doing them but if you get it … it is the best exercise for it. It can be done in flat or declined bank.

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5. Ab Wheel

best abs exercises ab-wheel--min

There are different variations. The easiest is with the knees resting on the flat floor. Then you can make it a little difficult by supporting the knees on a higher surface with respect to the ground. And finally, do it without supporting the knees.

6. Ball with stability

With an exercise ball, you can make endless positions that will help you with the abs area. This is very easy ideal for beginners. You put the ball and put your feet on top. You hold with the palms of your hands with the floor and you have to stretch the body to the fullest.

Then with the ball, you will roll it until you bend the knees down. The back should remain upright, this way you will avoid hurting yourself, you can not move your arms, the whole upper trunk should be firm. The only thing you are going to bend is the knees, do not hit them on the floor.

7. Reverse Abs or Reverse Crunches 

best abs exercise Reverse-Crunch-min

The reverse abs or crunches could not be left out of our list of the best abs exercises.

Sitting on a bench, keep your back straight, your feet on the ground, your hands should be supportive. Flex the knees at a 90-degree angle and then lift them until they reach chest height, here by natural movement you will go slightly backwards.

You should always keep your back straight so you can do pressure in the abdominal area and also avoid hurting your back.

8. Plank

Plank or iron is undoubtedly one of the best abdominal exercises you can practice.

Exercising the pressure in the abs, this exercise is also basic and will help you have a well-toned core. You can do it by supporting yourself with your palms or with your forearms, you start to go down and up.

Remember that your body should be straight and you should not bend your knees.

9. Plank and lateral rowing


One of the variations you have with the plank is this with rowing, which you need from the pulley of a machine. You stand sideways on the plank, facing the machine. One of the arms serves as the support and with the other, you take the pulley, pull it backwards, bend the elbow until the pulley does not give more.

10. Oblique knee abs with pulley

best abs exercises obique-min

Here you will also need a machine with a pulley. You stand on your back towards the machine and on your knees. You take the pulley with both hands to the height of the neck and you go flexing the torso to the sides, also from the front and return to the starting position. Always remember to put pressure on the abdominal area.

11. Leg raising

You must be lying on the floor, bend your arms and the palms of your hands hold your neck that you should raise a little. Your legs should be straight and together, then begin to raise them, making pressure in the abdominal area.

You should not flex them, they should always be well extended. They should arrive until you bend the entire abdominal area and then lower until you reach the floor, try not to hit your ankles.

12. Standing side abs

For this exercise, you need the help of a machine that has a pulley. You stand on your side, with your body erect. With one arm pull the pulley down while bending the body to that side. The other hand is placed on the waist. Then you change your arm every time you finish your series.

This is an exercise that will allow you to work the obliques. In addition to that, your arms will also be toned

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Series and Repetitions

The great trick of doing abs exercises is to perform about 2 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions each. Remember that this is for beginners. Already with the passage of time, you can increase it and add weight.

If you already have more resistance because you are assiduous to the exercises you must increase both the series and the repetitions. This way you will be able to achieve the expected results and have those “squares” that you love so much.

Hope you have liked our post on best abs exercises it will be very useful to all of you.  If you have liked our posts then share this with your friends and on your social accounts. Keep visiting our website.


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