8 Benefits of Protein Shakes

Benefits of Protein Shakes

Hello readers, welcome to Fitness Nama. We have seen many people in the gym taking protein shakes and bars for improving their performance. Protein shakes usually have a bad reputation and is usually associated with people with too many muscles that are not usually seen well. Well, it is not only a special product for those people who follow a diet to achieve a goal. And for those persons who spend many hours in the gym. If you are interested in really knowing what are the benefits of protein shakes and what can you take, read this article.

Benefits of Protein Shakes

1. You can take protein every day

The protein is essential for life, all the organs and muscles in your body are built of at least a part of the protein. Literally, your whole body is protein and fat. The recommended daily intake of protein is approximately 1g/kg of body weight for “normal” people. So for most people, a shake with 20 or 40 grams of protein, would help achieve the recommended daily dose. If you are an athlete or you train in the gym you can increase the amount of protein up to 2g/kg of body weight.

benefits of protein shakes everyday

Thus the benefits of protein shakes are that it can help those people who are vegetarian, who have problems getting this amount of protein.

2. Stimulate your immune system

Whey protein (Whey) is the type of protein which is most commonly used in shakes and is special to strengthen the immune system.

Its components are involved in different biological functions including antioxidant activity, anti-bacterial effects, for the protection of diseases, among other benefits.

3. It will help you to give your best to your workouts

If you are aiming at the gym and you are normally doing weight training and working hard for bodybuilding. A protein shake can help you maximize this effort. An intense workout leads to muscle damage and the basic rule of weight training is that it requires basic nutrients to build or repair the muscles.

The amount of protein you need while training is greater than your expenditure. If you can’t get that required amount of protein you should take 1g/kg of body weight.

4. You’re going to lose fat

benefits of protein shakes in fat loss

It is known that protein has a satiating effect on the diet. It helps you feel full longer than carbohydrates and fats. The protein also has a thermal effect which means that it helps the body spend more energy to digest carbohydrates or fats. This is what has made the association of protein consumption with weight loss and especially the loss of fat.

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5. You will build more muscle while you sleep

It’s time to know the biggest myth that muscle build while you train.The muscle is not built while exercising, but growth occurs while you lie down, especially during sleep. Researchers have found that simply taking a protein shake before bedtime can help muscle growth more. If you don’t take protein shakes the growth will be relatively less. It is the biggest benefits of protein shakes.

6. Reduces cholesterol level 

Whey protein has been shown to be very effective in helping to reduce both total cholesterol and LDL. Although, it probably does not replace the blood pressure medications. Therefore, the combination of a whey protein shake can help.


7. Reduces blood pressure and therefore the risk of heart disease

benefits of protein shakes in redaucing heart problems

In one study it was said that the administration of whey protein supplements leads to a reduction of more than 6 points in those people who had raised their blood pressure. If it is true that whey protein shakes cannot completely reverse high blood pressure. But it does appear that, if used consistently, they can be an effective part of a blood pressure reduction plan.

8. Best option to continue with your day in a healthy way

Benefits of proteins shakes in starting your day

In our daily busy schedule, we sometimes feel lack of time to have food, this makes us hungry. While we go to other options like chips, cookies and another food item of fewer calories. This makes us feel hungry after 15 minutes. If you take protein shakes the result will be better and you will not feel hungry. You will be an energetic whole day.

In addition, the famous protein powder is today a mixture of flavours from which each person can choose their favourite flavour, so that their intake is not something unpleasant.

While some claim that this amount of protein is dangerous, do not worry, in healthy people these claims are totally unfounded.

We will always recommend a complete diet based on natural foods. But sometimes for issues such as money, time and others, it is difficult to consume the right amount of protein and that is why we recommend the protein supplement.

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