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Have you been not able to cure your lower back pain naturally? In this case, it becomes important for you to go for the meditations. So here we are up with our new article on Best Medicines For Back Pain along with few easy natural exercises. If the lower back pain isn’t cured on time, it might create more problems to you in future. Hence, do not ignore this article and read the full solution as this article is fully researched and contains best information possible!

Best Medicine for back pain: Anti-Inflammatory

First thing that people suffering from back pain looks for is Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug known as NSAID. Moreover, these are also famous as they belong to the first tier of medicine for back pain treatment.

Selection of NSAID

You might have heard about the term Tylenol which is an acetaminophen and hence is used as medicine for treating back pain. Being a consumer, you should always know that excessive use of this drug might result in the side-effects. Do not continue to use this medicine for a very longer period of time.

Side-effects of using Tylenol : Back Pain Medicine Drawback

Following could be considered as the side effects of using excessive amount of Tylenol:

  • Formation of Ulcer in the Stomach- Peptic ulcer or gastric ulcer is in the ulcer on upper part of the small intestine. It is formed when the food digestive acid begins to damage the stomach’s intestinal walls. Stomachache, burning sensation, vomiting along with bleeding are the symptoms of the formation of ulcer. Ulcer and treatment back pain medicines
  • Kidney Damage- These medicines might reduce pain but are harmful for kidneys.
  • Liver Damage- Long use of these medicines might result in Liver Failure
  • Astor-intestinal problems

Muscle Relaxants : Pain Relief Medicine for lower back pain

Sometimes it happens that the NSAID doesn’t results in the pain relief. In this case, your doctor might suggest you to use muscle relaxants for curing the back pain. These relaxants include following medications:

Role of muscle relaxants in back pain treatment

Muscle relaxants are widely used to cure injuries caused while playing basketball / football and other muscle straining activities. Do seek medical advice if muscle relaxants doesn’t work well for you!

Opioids are the best medicine for back pain Treatment

We know back pain may be both Short Term and Long Term (chronic low back pain). Short Term when you catch this pain while playing sports that may cause muscle strain. While long term back pain may be caused due to the age factors.

When back pain can’t be cured using NSAID or Muscle Relaxants, Opioids are used as the third tier of the treatment. The working of this is quite simple as these medicine for back pain directly acts on the pain receptors present in our brain and nerve cells to eliminate the pain.


This medicine is beneficial in getting relief from inflammation and alternativerly from back pain as well!


  • Weight Gain
  • Bone Loss
  • Body will fail to generate blood sugar

Injections must not increase more than 3 per year or else you might have to suffer with above side-effects.

Adjuvant Therapies

These therapies include antidepressant drugs to get relief from back pain. These are used when the problem of your back-pain has been caused due to the nerve factors. It can quite the nerve irritation and hence can easily resolve your trouble.


  • Headache, Nausea, Constipation , Insomnia, fatigue etc

Home Remedies: Home Best Medicine For Back Pain Treatment

There is a troubling problem of lower back pain on people of every class and age, which is particularly high. If this pain persists for a long time, it takes the form of arthritis in the spinal cord. But repeatedly if someone suffers from it, it also increases the risk of diseases associated with kidney or other organs with arthritis. Spinal disc prolapse affects the spinal cord itself from puberty and causes spinal arthritis in the future.

Main Cause: Occasionally, the back-pain is caused by sitting in wrong posture, walking or running for longer duration, sleeping with wrong posture and suddenly lifting more weight. These kind of pain cn be treated within the 15 days of origin of the pain. But if there is a lack of physical activity in addition to these habits, then there may be problem of spinal disc as well.

Medicine for Back Pain: Precautions

  • It is most important for women to choose two-wheeler as per the capacity of the body and now-a-days there are very good and comfortable vehicles present for the women in the market. So take a test drive and choose the better vehicle for yourself.
  • If you work long hours on a computer or study for a long time, then take five to ten minutes of break in every hour, your productivity will remain and your body will also get much comfort.

Role of Yoga Exercises

If you are suffering from back-pain problems and none of the medicine for back pain is working well for you! Yoga is the best option available. Best part about yoga is – ‘It comes absolutely free and has drastic power to fight with your waist pain’

There are many yogic exercises present to fight yourself from Troubling waist pain, Like:

  1. Half Spinal Twist The bone of the spinal cord along with nerves becomes strong by doing Half Spinal Twists
  2. Crocodile Pose- Makarasana (Name of Yoga Pose) works best in the back pain treatment.
    – This posture provides relief in citric and neck pain.
    – This posture benefits people with lung disease and asthma.
    – Massage of the intestines is done through this posture.

Hope, your quest for the Best Medicine for back pain has been completed after reading this article.

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Do you know that spinal cord has a significant contribution in keeping your whole body united, strong and healthy. But nowadays due to improper eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles, pain in the waist has become quite common. Lower back pain, in which there is a pain in the lower back, it can happen to anyone. Many times the pain is so much that it becomes difficult to bear it.



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