Top 6 Carbohydrates Foods to Gain Muscles Mass

Foods to gain muscles

Top 6 Carbohydrates Foods to Gain Muscles Mass

If we are training hard but no result is coming in increasing the muscles size. Then we search for the best foods to gain muscles which help us in getting our dream physique. Fitness Nama has made the list of best six food of high carbohydrate content. This food will help you to gain muscles since nutrition plays an important role in bodybuilding. We must keep in mind that just adding carbohydrates to your diet will not give you dream body.

Foods to Gain Muscles: Cereals 

Benefits: High-Calorie Food

If we are taking cereals for breakfast, they will provide at least two grams of fibres per serving. Fibres slow down the process of digestion by and turn cereals into the good source of energy which can be consumed at any time. You should double the amount of cereals for obtaining best results. You can also take one full serving of whey protein and enough milk to enrich the carbohydrate content.

Foods to Gain Muscles: Sweet Potato

Benefits: It accelerates the muscle building process

This sweet-tasting vegetable is as delicious as it is nutritious. If you ask what you can eat dinner at night, the experts will tell you sweet potato. Experts suggest sweet potato because of its nutritional value. It provides considerable energy which is about 105 Kcal/100gms. Along with this it barely contains fat (0.3%) and protein (1.65%).  Sweet potato nutrients accelerate the muscle building process and ‘recharge your energy piles’.

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Foods to Gain Muscles: Whole Grain Muffins

Benefits: They provide a huge amount of fibre

The best option is to make your whole grain muffin rather than buying it. We will buy any cereal which high in fibre that has a recipe for muffins on the side of the box. We will replace the honey with sugar, pouring two or three servings of whey protein into the mixture. And we will have a breakfast rich in carbohydrates and rich in proteins The fibre in the cereal causes the final product to have a low glycemic index. It is being ideal for those people who struggle to stay relatively thin while increasing their size.


Foods to Gain Muscles: Cream of Rice

Benefit: Extremely easy to digest

Rice cream is a forgooten food bodybuilding but it is very effective. It is easily digested and is an excellent food to gain muscle. Two-thirds of a cup mixed with water provides about 65 g of easily digested carbohydrates. After cooking, we can take a banana, a cup of cottage cheese and something of the same or a few pinches of cinnamon. In this way, we will have a combination of 30 g of protein and 90 g of carbohydrates. Ideal to provide nutritional quality to our body.

Food to Gain Muscles – Boiled potatoes

Benefit: carbohydrate with a high glycemic index

When we want to increase our muscle size, providing fast assimilation carbohydrates to our diet is necessary. Because it will cause a greater increase in insulin and are excellent for quickly restoring glycogen levels. We can consume two or three cups of mashed potatoes without bloating and it will provide 42 g of carbohydrates per cup.

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Foods to Gain Muscle – Rice with raisins

Benefit: Rapid assimilation and great tasting carbohydrate

When we mix a handful of raisins with two cups of rice it will bring about 115g of carbohydrates to our body. They are an ideal combination of post-training to help us in muscles recovery. As with mashed potatoes, we can use rice with raisins as garnish. A good idea is to mix it with meat.

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