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How to gain abs

Who in this world does not want to have clean and beautiful abs? But wanting and getting are two different faces of a coin. There are people who keep on wanting while there are also people who keep on getting. They keep on getting not because they are lucky enough, they get it because they work on it. They put efforts on it and does hard-work on it. Next time when you see a guy with abs, try to figure out how hard he might have done to get those sets of abs. Instead of getting jealous, try to be motivated. Ask him, how he did it! Well if he tells you or not, but we are here with the Latest Abs Exercises to help you in gaining weight.

Latest Abs Exercises, Diet To Follow and Workout Routine

There is no such term called Latest Abs Exercise. You might have heard ‘Old is Gold’. Today we will tell you the right way of gaining abs. To get any part of the body in shape, it is important for an individual to focus on both Exercise and Diet. Try these exercises and you will get to see the results quicker than ever before. How does this happen? You might have heard this as well- ‘Incomplete Knowledge could drop you into Troubles’

You try too hard to gain abs but your incomplete knowledge doesn’t allow you to do so. Today we will be exposing few of the secrets that are responsible for the faster abs growth.

So, Instead of Focusing on Latest Abs Exercises, let us get to the ‘Secret of Abs Exercise

The secret to gain abs faster- 5 Latest Abs Secret Exercises

Using Medicine Ball and Swiss Ball Exercises

1) Medicine Ball Russian Twist- In order to begin, Sit on the floor holding a medicine ball with both hands in the top position of a sit up and extend your arms in front of you. Now keep on twisting your body along with the medicine ball on each side.

2) Medicine Ball Mountain Climber- It looks similar to pushups. To perform this exercise, you will require a medicine ball. Now get into the pushup position on this medicine ball and get your one knee near your chest. Repeat the same with the opposite knee.

3) Swiss Ball Rollout- In order to perform this exercise, simply use your forearms and rest them on the swiss ball. Now brace your abs and bring the ball closer to you. Then similarly take it away from your body. Once you feel like you can’t stretch it more or you are losing tension, try to get it back towards your body.

Plank Exercises

4) Plank- Get into the push-ups position but not with the hands; with the elbow. Now stay in this position with your abs braced.

5) Side Plank- This exercise is performed in the way such that the whole body rests on the left forearm. You can see the below picture to get a better idea. Note: Your weight should be on left of the leg and left forearms.

6) Star Plank- Get into the push-ups position and now extend your hands wider from each other. Now do the same with your feet. Now you know why is it called star plank. Keep your abs embraced until you feel like your abs are losing tension. Do this exercise for at least 30 seconds.

Video Guiding on Exercises to Gain Abs

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Other Exercises

A) Situp and throw- Simply hold a medicine ball with both of your hands. Now bring it near your chest. Let the ball stay in the same position and sit down. Now you might need a partner to hold your feet so that it doesn’t leave the ground. Now throw the ball to the wall and catch it when it rebounds.

B) Pull up to knee Raise- Hang on a pull-up bar and pull up until your chin raises the bar. Now try to lift your knees up. Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

C) Ab Wheel Rollout- Hold an abs wheel beneath your shoulder while kneeling on the floor. Similarly, like a swiss ball, roll the wheel forward with your abs embraced until you feel like you are about to lose tension. Then bring it back near your body and continue to repeat this same exercise.

D) Dip/Leg Raise Combo- Try to find out to parallel bars of normal height. Hold each of the bars with your hands. Now life your legs in such way that you each leg lies on a different bar. Continue this exercise to get the best results.

E) Leg Raise- In order to perform this exercise you will require a heavy table or chair. Once you find it, use your hands to grab the legs of the chair and try to pull your legs up. See the below picture to understand the procedure.

How to gain abs quickly

Beneficial Diet For Gaining Abs

1) Intake as much Protein as Possible- As we know, protein is responsible for the growth of muscle. Not only this, proteins helps an individual in losing fat as well. Hence it is the very beneficial diet to gain abs.

2) Fiber- Food which is rich in fiber helps you to keep your belly full with less intake of calories and also helps in best functioning of your digestive system.

3) Drink more and more water- Drinking water becomes very important to keep you hydrated when you are performing such tough level of exercises. How to know how much water you should drink it in a way? Suppose your weight is 200 pounds, divide it by 2, i.e, you should drink at least 100 ounces of water in a day. You can calculate the same with your weight.

4) Avoid Alcohol- We believe this is the only point of this article that does not require explanation.

Latest Abs Exercises FAQs

Q- How much time does it take for a fat guy to gain abs?

In order to gain abs, the guy will first have to work on a diet plan which could help him in losing weight. Then he can follow the above steps to get the abs.

Q- Where to get the motivation of losing weight?

You can get it here – Motivation To Lose Weight Fast And Stay In Shape: Best Tips

Q- What are protein Shakes and what are its benefits?

– Read about protein shakes in details here.

The one who tries get it faster than them who don’t even try. Do not wait for the right time to come as it will never come until you will begin to work on it. What if you could gain abs and start showing them off in the upcoming 2 months? Of course, it is better than waiting. Hope you loved our Article on Latest Abs Exercises and you can visit on our other posts to gain more information about health and fitness.


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