Lower Abs Exercises : – Remove Bulging Belly

lower abs exercises

Hello readers, welcome to Fitness Nama today we are going to tell about some lower abs exercises which will help you in toning your abs. The lower abs exercises work on the bulging belly which helps in reducing the fat composition of abdomen area. If you want to know how to do exercises for lower abs and want some other advice on abs so you shouldn’t miss this post on lower abs exercises to reduce the bulging belly. So let us start……..

You want to have a flat stomach or want to show your six packs abs, so you must train your forgotten part of the abdomen which is lower abs.

We have seen many people doing thousands of crunches continuously for their core a traditional exercise for abdomen in which both the lower and middle abdomen work.

Interestingly, although they do not exercise as much as other areas of the core. Lower abs are the part of the core which accumulates more fat faster and it takes more time to remove that accumulated fat.


But as you know you can not eliminate localized fat. What you can do is to help the muscles that are exercised develop through the proper routines and exercises to strengthen the abdomen.

How to do Lower Abs Exercises

The correct form of lower abs exercises is fundamental if they are done in wrong way it can cause stress on the lower back which can make you uncomfortable.

It is also very important to check how your body is reacting to the abs workout which you are doing. If you feel pain or more stress on your back while doing the abs workout then you should immediately stop the workout. Check them if you are doing correctly.

When you already know how to workout for lower abs and get the right technique, the only pain you should feel is the abs.

With this workout routine for abs, try to mark lower abs you can effectively work on the lower abdominal muscles with three non- consecutive training sessions per week. Consecutive sessions because you need rest to recover from the workout you do. Recovery is the key to gain muscle size.

lower abs exercises

Try to do between 1 and 3 sets of the exercise of between 12 and 15 repetitions of abs exercise. If you find them easy add dumbbells and weights for extra resistance.

Here is a selection of some of the best lower abs exercise which you can do :

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Lower Abs Exercises which are very Effective especially for Women

To keep the core toned we are going to suggest some of the best lower abs exercises which will help in removing accumulated fat from the core.

lower abs exercises

It is important to know how to work on the lower abs, in order to achieve the rapid toning of core muscles.

List of Lower Abs Exercises

1. The Plank

  • To begin, place the elbows and arms on the floor. You can use a mat for doing this exercise.
  • Maintain your body in straight line, without giving it to the middle while keeping your back straight, by pulling your abs tight for the best effect.
  • Keep this position for as long as possible, preferably 20 to 30 seconds and extend up to 60 seconds. Repeat 3 more times.

2. Knee Tucks

  • Start at the plank position with your feet stretched behind you and your ankle raised in Swiss ball.
  • Roll the ball towards you with your feet.
  • Invert to the initial position and repeat.

3. Elevation of Legs in a Machine

  • Avoid the swing of the legs. If you try to keep your knees slightly bent, this will help you on focus how to work on your lower abs.
  • When raising the knees and legs towards the chest, you must contract the abdominals.
  • You will definitely feel a certain tension on lower abs. If your legs are straight in front of you instead of bending them.

4. Reverse Crunch

  • Lie on a mat, with your hands on the floor next to you for stability or you can place them behind your head if you prefer.
  • Lift your legs with your back straight, with the soles of your feet towards the ceiling.
  • When contracting your abs, lift your hips off the floor, reaching your toes higher towards the ceiling.
  • Go down and repeat.

Learn how to do these exercises for lower abs and you will discover how to work on it for maximum effect. You will progress and the abdominal muscle will stronger by time. You can do these workouts at the gym as well as at home. But gym workouts are most preferable.

List of Lower Abs Exercises for Men

1. Bicycles on the ground

  •  Lay down on the floor with our legs extended and our feet slightly raised, placing our hands on the sides of the head.
  • Bend the right knee while we rotate the upper left part of the body to touch the knee with the elbow. Finally, we will have to repeat the same movement with the left knee and the right elbow. We will repeat this alternating between the two legs.

2. Mountain climbers

  • Mountain climbers, are one of the exercises for muscle and strengthen the most effective belly that exists to do from home. In fact, it is common to see many men perform this exercise in CrossFit since it is one of the movements that most often are included in their circuit. 
  • Mountain climbing is done from an iron position and then shuffling in and out so that the knees move under your chest and then you return to the starting position. In some ways, it resembles climbing a mountain, but on the floor. If you want an advanced version, you can also move your hands about 20 cm forward and backwards, in addition to the movements of the legs. This really makes it a full-body exercise and much more difficult than standard climbing.


  • How? What squats are one of the exercises that can help us the most when it comes to getting our abs muscle? Indeed, it is true that it is not taken into consideration as one of the exercises for abs for men, as it is usually linked as a movement to strengthen the legs.

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