[Yoga Treatment] Lower Back Pain Overview Pain Relief Method


Complaint of lower back pain has become a problem not only for the elderly but also for youth. But by changing some habits, this problem can be solved to a great extent. Let’s learn How to treat lower waist pain and Yoga exercises for lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain Treatment and Yoga Exercises

The problem of back pain has become a common problem now-a-days. Not only the people of the old ages but the youths also complaining about it. The main reason for this is ‘sitting on the chair for several hours continuously and do the work for unwanted lifestyle and other physical works are responsible as well’.

People are often troubled with Lower back pain. There can be many causes of this pain but the most important cause is the backbone problem. Due to lack of fluid in the interior of the spine, bones begin to grow in the surrounding areas, causing pain in the waist. According to scientists, the cause of pain in the waist is hidden in your genes. Almost every third woman of middle age has spinal problems. The experts have belief that about 8% of women are inherited from this problem.

Simple ways to get rid of Lower Back Pain

1) Avoid sitting for longer duration

Do not work in the same position for a long time. Wake up every forty minutes from your chair and walk a little while. Apart from this, the soft padded bed should be avoided. The patients of waist pain should sleep by laying on a little harder bed.

2) Learn to sit straight

Do not sit laying completely on the back while working in the office. Hold your back on the chair in such a way that it should always be straight forward. You should learn to keep your neck straight while sitting on a chair. While riding the car, the seat should be kept tough, keep the potters seating right and tighten seat belts while driving the car.

3) Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise should also be performed to resist lower back pain. Walking, swimming or cycling are safe exercises. By exercising muscles will gain strength and weight will not increase. Swimming is also very beneficial for the waist as well as reducing weight. While cycling, the waist should be kept straight.

Common Precautions to prevent Lower Back Pain

A) Bend Carefully

When lifting heavy object while having back pain, do not bend the waist, but bend the knees first and then bend the waist down. When the hands reach the object, then lift it up and straighten the knee.

B) Massage

Apart from these, the bones weaken with the low calcium intake, so take calcium content. Simultaneously, add a towel in hot water, and squeeze it. After this; lie down on the belly. Take the steam via the towel in the region of the pain. This is an absolute remedy to provide relief from back pain.

Home Remedies to Cure Lower Back Pain

1- Heat the gourd with mustard salt and put 2-3 garlic buds in mustard oil/ sesame oil and do regular massage of the waist with the solution.

2- In a glass of water add 10 grams of dry ginger or cumin and then boil it and drink.

3- Mix half banana and sugar candy in the milk-cream and drink it .

4- Add turmeric in milk with cream and drink it.

5- You can use garlic, ginger, dry gourd, rock salt, lemon and onion in the food.

Choose Correct Clothing- In actual clothes not only help us to resist different kind of weathers but is also responsible for our comfort. Sometimes we choose such dresses that are good for fashion but may cause different deformities like Spinal deformities. For example, Tight jeans might glorify your fashion but is responsible for back pain at very large extent. Choose clothes according your comfort more than for fashion.
Take care while lifting meditation – It is extremely important to take care of the position of body while lifting and keeping things from the height of the task to settle quickly and work, because our body muscles are under great pressure whenever we use them. Any wrong physical condition becomes a hassle for you when you have to bear more pressure than necessary body can seriously bear.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

The pain in the waist is unbearable; heaviness in the waist, spreading of pain from the waist to the hips, numbness in the feet, difficulty in walking and sitting are the main symptoms of back pain. There is a problem associated with lower waistline. Spinal cord pain is known as a Cuticle in Ayurveda. This problem is caused due to vicious defects. According to Ayurveda, it can be avoided by making changes in food and lifestyle. Let’s know its main characteristics.

Not Eating Well

The pain sometimes is directly associated with your diet. Sometimes you consume more chilies and oily dishes, spicy food, frozen food, more soft drinks, ice cream, fruits with excessive seeds etc which results in causing the lower waist pain.

Excessive Exercise / Wrong Sitting Posture

Excessive exercise, sleeping on hard bed mattress, use of thick pillow, not sitting straight on chair, keeping neck bent for longer duration, more use of two-wheeler vehicle, spending more time with TV and computer are the main causes of this pain.

Increasing weight on the spine, hormone imbalances, constipation, hernia, cesarean delivery.

Yoga Exercises to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Yoga is beneficial not only for back pain related problems but for almost all the diseases discovered on the planet earth. Either let it be problem of headache or even paining feet, either let it be internal diseases or external problems; Yoga has power to eliminate it all for you. Lower back pain could be a Long term chronic disease that may last for very longer duration of one’s life span. Below we have discussed the method of preventing low back pain.
Simple Yoga Exercises to Prevent low waist pain

Yoga simply works on the Curvature of the spine. Yoga also helps in weight loss which is again beneficial for treating back pain problems. It cures spinal nerve root with very less efforts.


Makarasana is focused on the sides of the stomach and it is done in the rugs. In the last state of this posture, the shape of our body appears like a crocodile, hence it is called Makrashan which in Indian Language means Crocodile. From Makarasana not only asthma and respiratory disorders are eliminated, it is also beneficial in lower waist pain.


In this posture, the shape of the body transforms like Bhujang, which is snake in Indian Language, hence it is called Bhujangasan or Sarpasan. This asana is performed by laying on the back of the stomach.

lower waost pain

Studying Lower Back Pain

Slip disc or back pain is not a disease but it is a mechanical failure in a way. The most important causes of waist pain are associated with the spine or spinal cord. The spineor spinal cord is made up of Spine Vertebrae on which the entire body weight is hinged. It starts from the lower part of the head to the tail bone. There is a disc between every two vertebrae in our spinal cord that acts as a shock absorber.

The back and forth of the disc moves to the right and left. Wrong work, reading, rising-sitting or bending causes constant pressure on the disc. This causes pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord, which causes frequent pain in the waist. This disc gets swollen due to its wear, and it emerges and emerges. After this, it puts pressure on the nerves leading to the spinal cord.

Due to pressing veins, this pain can also reach the feet. There is a danger of foot becoming numb. Pain is so painful that the patient becomes unable to do his daily work. Lower waist pain now remains a problem for the people. Today people of all ages are troubled by it and the search for its simple and intuitive treatment continues throughout the world.

By working throughout the day, this problem increases even more. If waist pain starts moving towards the bottom and becomes faster, then show the doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes the pain is only a few minutes, and sometimes it lasts for hours. People from 30 to 50 years of age are more prone to it.
More Causes of Waist Pain

Experiencing pain in walking, bending or doing normal work, having a brief paining experience in the body after bending or coughing.
Damage due to pressure on the nerves, pain in the feet, eddy or toe numbness.
Weakness in toes.
Unbearable pain in the lower part of the spine.
Problems in urination and bowel movement,
Feeling numbing around the hip or thighs several times due to pressure in the middle of the spinal cord.

Common Reasons for waist pain

Some major reasons for having a slip disk or back pain are-

– Incorrect posture
– Lie down or bend or reading or work
– Staying in front of a computer
– Suddenly bending
– Weight lifting
– Getting a shock
– Waking up wrongly
– Irregular routine
– Dull lifestyles
– Physical activity is low
– Injury in accident
– Long time driving

As the age progresses, the bones begin to weaken and it starts to thrive on the disc,
Congenital deformities or infections in the waist bones or spinal cord,
Any congenital malformation in the feet or any disorder later on.

More Home Remedies to treat Lower Back Pain

About 80% of people are sometimes disturbed with back pain. Waist pain can be new and old too. Seeing on the surface, pain in the waist may seem like a normal condition, but ignoring it can cause problems to increase.

1. Band knee – When picking an object placed below, fold your knees first then lift that object. Doing so will not cause unnecessary pressure on the waist and will be less painful.

2. Garlic – Make enough use of garlic in the food. Garlic waist pain is considered to be a good treatment. Using garlic, old to old waist pain also starts to recover.

3. Benzoin – Benzoin posses  great relief in back pain. To treat waist pain, take half a spoon of google with hot water in the morning and evening. Doing this brings comfort in the back pain.

4. Spice Tea – Add 5 black pepper seeds, 5 cloves, and a little bit of dry ginger powder to make tea. Drink this kind of spice tea twice a day. Drinking spice tea helps in lower back pain.

5. Cinnamon- Mix 2 grams of cinnamon powder in a teaspoon of honey twice a day, there is relief in the waist pain.

6. Keep the body warm (Warm Body) – If waist pain is old, keep the body warm and eat hot things. Doing so gives relief in back pain. If in winter it becomes more painful, keep in mind that the part of the pain should not come in contact with the air.

7. Nutrition (Proper Nutrition) – Use plenty of tomatoes, cabbage, beetroot, cucumber, cucumber, spinach, carrot, fruits in the food.

8. Steam Foment – Squeeze a hot towel in a hot water and squeeze it. Laying on the abdomen and taking steam by the towels instead of pain, relief in waist pain.

9. Massage – After adding 3-4 buds of garlic in the mustard or coconut oil every morning (until the garlic buds become black), then cool it down and massage the affected area.

10. Salt – Add two-three spoonful of salt to it and mix it well. Put this hot salt in a thick cotton cloth and bundle it. Secure it through the waist.

Precautions for lower waist pain

If there is a problem of slip disc or back pain, you should rest completely for two to three weeks.

Take pain relief medicines on the doctor’s advice to relieve pain.

– Change your dull lifestyle.

Control the weight. Increased weight and fat especially around the stomach has a direct effect on the spinal cord.

Walk regularly This is the best exercise.

– Do not run from physical exercises. Muscular strength gets stronger by physical exercises.

– Do not sit over stool or chair for longer periods of time. While sitting on the chair, keep feet straight and not one on one.

– Do not get up with a sudden shock-sit. In a single pose, do not stay for long or stand up.

– Do not rush to pick up or keep any luggage. Keeping heavy stuff should be pushed instead of lifting it. If you want to pick up something from the ground, do not bend, but sit on a small stool or sit down under the knees and pick up the stuff.

– Do not work by bowing your waist. Always keep your back straight.

– Wear simple shoes and sandals rather than high-heel shoes.

– Be careful while climbing the stairs.

– If you have to stand for long periods of time, keep changing your weights on each leg.

– Rotate the body rather than rotating the neck to see the right-left or back.

– If you want to drive for long, keep pillow for neck and back. Keep the driving seat forward, so that the back is straight.

– Do not use too high or thick cushion. The use of ordinary pillows is better.

– Do not sleep on a very soft  mattress. Avoid sleeping on a springy mattress or a loose  bed.

– Do not sleep by the side of the abdomen or vice versa.

– Surgery is the only option if you do not get comfortable with traditional methods for lower back pain.

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