What is CrossFit Training ? The Problem Of CrossFit Training

crossfit training

Hello, readers welcome to Fitness Nama, today we are going to read about the burning topic in the fitness industry which is CrossFit training.

In the recent years, a programme has developed the reputation in bodybuilding and strength training that has generated a lot of rumours among doctors, fitness experts, personal trainers, professional athletes and more – it’s the CrossFit system. This methodology has gained much interest and controversy in recent years as many of the other strength and hypertrophy training programs. The only problem is that there are a lot of people who wonder if the CrossFit exercises are just a fad or if it really has benefits in the long run.

The CrossFit training system can be described as a strength and conditioning system which is made to promote good physical condition. The system combines a variety of exercises to ensure that a level of total physical conditioning is achieved. It guarantees a balance in the body. This is obtained through a combination of training in:

  • The lifting of heavy objects or weight training.
  • Sprint or distance races.
  • Gymnastics.

Components of CrossFit Training

In order to get the most out of the CrossFit workout routines. Athletes who want to practice in it will have to be moderately trained or trained to meet their “10 components”

  1. Cardiovascular and respiratory resistance.
  2. Endurance.
  3. Force.
  4. Coordination.
  5. Flexibility.
  6. Power.
  7. Speed.
  8. Agility.
  9. Balance.
  10. Precision.

The CrossFit was created to work through each of the 10 components.According to CrossFit, this is achieved through changes in neurological and hormonal adaptations through all metabolic pathways in the body.



Due to the nature of the conditioning and the CrossFit exercises involved, there must be an established training program that exists in the individual’s life. Anyone who wants to get into the Crossfit will have to be able to comply with the basic exercises or routines that these 10 components involve without difficulty. Furthermore, it is widely believed that the CrossFit training system is not for people who have never exercised. Older athletes, professionals and critics routinely assert their opinion on this issue, warning new athletes to stay away from the system.

Those athletes who are in the CrossFit training perform exercises such as :

  • Running.
  • Rowing.
  • Jumping or climbing the rope.
  • Lifting and moving heavy objects.

Some part of the training involves the use of free weights, gymnastic rings, pull-up bars and a variety of exercises that use a lot of muscles of the body, such as the squat.

The CrossFit is not an individual training system

Crossfit Gym

The  CrossFit is commonly found in many affiliated gyms throughout the world. The company, CrossFit Inc, certifies coaches and licenses the name and program of CrossFit to gyms that wish to join. These affiliates are free to develop their own training systems, teaching methods, prices, etc.

Crossfit classes are offered to members of affiliated gyms. The classes include a generalised warm-up session, the development of skills for the participants and then a high-intensity training that lasts from 20 to 40 minutes. These affiliated centres or gyms often create a ” routine of the day “, targeting specific groups of body muscles or multi-component training. Affiliates have been known to use scoring systems and prizes to motivate the participants in the classes to generate interest among athletes.

The CrossFit makes training offerings through its conditioning system outside the affiliated gymnasiums. Many athletes have been able to use the free training and instructions available through the CrossFit website. Although many experts say that without the right equipment and current training it is difficult to perform the exercises properly.

The Problem of CrossFit Exercises

Problem of crossfit training

The effect of CrossFit training for anyone who is involved is on the speed and the total weight lifted. The effect is not on the technique. This can be positive and negative at the same time. If you focus a lot on lifting the weight no matter what happens it can lead to injuries in long practice. Also, many people believe that by training this way they can get better results and that is why so many people like this system.

The CrossFit is designed to increase muscle mass in an explosive and balanced manner throughout the body. Despite the results, many medical and fitness experts are in trouble deciding whether CrossFit training is good or bad. It is because of the lack of guidance to beginners.

It is very easy for beginners to dive first into the stressful routines of the Crossfit. While the results could be harmful. This is especially true for people who have not worked actively for several years. Any expert in medicine and exercise knows that an unqualified person can not participate in this system without harming himself. Hence, this is the conclusion that the experts have reached.

Therefore, other experts consider that the intensity of CrossFit exercises not only represents an easy risk for inexperienced athletes. But also for people who work regularly or more advanced. Anyone who energetically exerts a lift too quickly without adequate warmup has the risk of temporary and even permanent injury.

As a result, the great subject of the debate goes back to the lifting technique. While exercises with this formless intensity have a much greater potential to cause injuries. Especially in the joints and in the back.


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